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Dishwasher Turkey!
Is everything else in the kitchen tied up with side dishes?  Now, celebrity chef David Burke says you can cook the turkey in the dish washer!  His recipe calls for using 2 turkey breasts, and plenty of plastic wrap!  Good luck if you try this one...check out the video!

Source:  Huffington Post
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Man leaves his $250k Savings to...HIS CATS!?!
From the chronicals of weird and unusal, comes this story.  Leon Sheppard, Sr., who just passed away at the age of 79 left his 4,270 Square Foot home and $250k savings to his CATS!!!

Yes, you read that right.  Leon loved his cats, Frisco and Jake, so much so that he left him everything instead of providing the money and estate to his 5 children.  Apparently Leon's will stated that the inheritence(trust) money is to be used for the care of the cats and the maintence of the home that they live in, until they also pass.  

Once Frisco(must have been his favorite kid...errr cat) passes away, the human heirs will receive the remainder of the estate, but Jake must still be cared for.  That's one way to keep your kids from squandering your entire life savings after you're gone.

Source: NBC 5
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Skydiving planes collide and all passengers jump!
On Saturday, in Superior Wisconsin two planes containing a total of 9 skydivers and 2 pilots collided mid-flight!  Say what?!?!

That's right, two planes 12,000 feet in the air ran into one another.  I don't know about you, but if there were any second thoughts about jumping out of either of those planes, that'd be the only motivation I'd need to get out of the door!!!  This puts a whole new spin on the argument "Why would you jump out of a perfectly good plane?".  If the plane is not good any more and it's flying at 12,000 feet, that's why.

All kidding aside, the 11 passengers of both aircrafts made it to the ground safely.  The crazy part of this story to us:  The pilot of the plane that was most severly damaged had to hurrily find a parachute so he also could jump from his plane to safety!  The plane of the plane who hit the lead plane managed to regain control of his aircraft and made a safe landing.

Anyone looking to go skydiving now? Our friend Shawna Matthews would love to have a jump buddy(She's an enthusiast).

Full Story Courtesy: USA Today
Photo Courtesy of Steve Kuchera, AP
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