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Bikers ran over by SUV in New York - Video

So...this has been in the news for several days now, and we're curious as to what you think about it.

As this story develops we've found that two arrests have been made so far, neither of those have been the driver of the SUV.  Charges have been dropped against one of the two motorcyclists arrested.  

The man in the SUV(Alexian Lien) was joined by his wife and daughter in the vehicle for a Sunday afternoon drive.  They were then surrounded by dozens of motorcycles participating in "Hollywood Stuntz" motorcycle ride.  As one motorcycle operator slowed to block traffic, Mr. Lien BUMPED his motorcycle.

Several other motorcycles at this point stopped and blocked Mr. Lien's vehicle in - feeling threated, Alexian Lien rammed through several motorcycles to escape, running over a few.

One motorcyclist, Edwin Mieses, is now in paralyzed and in a coma.  Mr. Lien was chased down by several of the other members of this motorcycle group and pulled from his car and beaten and cut, he was later treated and released from the hospital.

Below is the video of the altercation, let us know what YOU think about this.  Would you have done the same?

Source: CNN

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10/02/2013 12:00PM
Bikes ran over by SUV in New York - Video
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10/02/2013 8:17PM
Bikers at fault!
Bikers were totally at fault. I would call it mob action. They were all over the roads. Being on a bike does not give you permission to drive like any of that. I think they should all be charged with mob action.
10/02/2013 8:40PM
This situation is a mess from the start! Should the cyclists be riding that way to begin with? NO! But this man purposefully ran over multiple people and their vehicles without even what seems to be a care for the safety of them or his wife/daughter. What did he think would happen when he ran over human beings from a large group? Both sides made HUGE errors in judgement here. Did the family or the riders ever call the police during this? if so when? that would make a huge difference in opinions
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